what you can expect from Rick's Web Solutions

I will meet the needs of small businesses, government organizations, clubs and non-profit organizations.  You can visit many of the sites and see what they offer.



  •  Downloadable forms in PDF format.  Many will have the ability to be filled in by the user and printed out to be either mailed in or handed in in person.
  • Some of the sites prefer this method since the form must be approved before any money amount can be accepted.

  service and hosting

If you already have a server, I can work with present hosting.  If you are starting new, I can provide domain registration and hosting at a very competitive price.

I will create your site so that you can view it as it is being created and before we go live on the internet.  You will have a web address that allows you to see the progress being made.

I can also set up email for your site.


  audio messages

Sometimes using audio messages to produce the desired results is in the best interest of the web site owner.  One site in particular that you can visit has a new audio message every week.


  video clips

Video clips can enhance the site depending on what the message may be.  Again you can visit many of my sites that have video clips included.



A very popular addition is to use a slideshow to show activities, products or anything that may involve too many pictures to place on a page.



Some sample sites

 Jones Geological Services

(Since 2006)

Jeri Jones is a noted Geologist and works fulltime for the York County Department of Parks and Recreation.  He also provides educational services to many organizations.  This site is loaded with history about the geological past of York County, PA.  Included are dinosaur information, maps and information by townships and boroughs, references and links.  This site posts the presentations that Jeri is giving in the future.

If rocks and history is your thing, then you need to pay Jeri a visit.  The site is always being updated with new material and current dates for presentations.  Visit the site.

  another example

Molen Indonesia

(Since 2008)

This is a site that has been created long distance.  The site represents a cookie business in Indonesia.  There is an English side and an Indonesian side to the site.
Visit the site